You Deserve a Great Career

You Deserve a Great Career NS Rajan   We are indeed a miracle of life. Even as billions of species have gone extinct, our ancestors have been the beneficiary of biological good fortune and tenuous existence. Jacob Bronowski, in his “Ascent of Man” highlights the wonder that unlike the other species that survive on genetic […]

Rainbow of Love: Prema Dhanassu

  Rainbow of Love NS Rajan  Halcyon clouds, my dear, are dancing Soothing rain has swept the cool air of spring Ahoy, look there’s the gossamer rainbow Spangle of luminous resplendence, lo What tranquil glory, graceful providence Divine  elegance  matches your brilliance Shall I send you, honey, to that land of colours Such gorgeous  hues […]

Ummeed Zinda Hai: Hope Lives

Ummeed Zinda Hai: Hope lives NS Rajan   Ummeed phir bhi zindaa hai jab inkaar karte ho tum Waqt zaroor lagtaa tho hai shagoofon ko khilne yoon   Raat guzar rahi hai, ranjish ki wajah kya samjhoon Ek aur ishaara karloon, ek aur gunaa bhi karloon     उम्मीद  फिर  भी  ज़िंदा  है  जब  इनकार  […]

Nela Jaarina Poovulu: Fallen Flowers

నేల  జారిన  పూవులు: Fallen Flowers NS Rajan : ని. సు. రాజన్   చివరికి  నేల  జారిన  పూవులు  కుడా   పరిమళాలు  వెదజల్లుచున్నాయి  మరి  మనసుండీ   మనుషులు మంచిని  కురిపించరే?   Even flowers that have fallen down Are emitting such sweet fragrances Alas, most men bestowed a heart Are yet to spread kindness and cheer   ( To Serve_Central Park: Flowers, a true […]

Everyone Needs a Devil’s Advocate

Everyone Needs a Devil’s Advocate NS Rajan   Opposition could be viewed as a conscience that speaks from outside you, akin to the ‘little voice’ inside you. It has been observed that unlimited power invariably hurtles us towards hubris, and leads to a subsequent downfall.  John Locke, philosopher and proponent of the social contract, wrote […]

Towards a Brighter Morrow

Towards a Brighter Morrow NS Rajan Intellect, indeed, is the new form of property. Focused intelligence, the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and know-how, is the key differentiator in these times. We have come a long way from the days of Adam Smith, who postulated the ‘new’ world economics in his seminal “ Wealth […]

Father and Son

Father and Son NS Rajan   SON: Twenty one am I, educated, but not rich Am soon on my own, dear Father, teach and enrich   FATHER: Most of life’s wisdom consists of being wise in time Bestow your energy and youth earning a dime If you don’t have any by the time you are […]

Guftagu: Conversation

Guftagu NS Rajan WOH:    “Manzil mil hi jayegi bhatakte huye hi sahi                   Gumraah tho woh hai jo ghar se nikle hi nahi” वो :    “मंजिल  मिल  ही  जाएगी  भटकते  हुए  ही  सही                    गुमराह  थो  वो  है  […]

When Change Beckons

  When Change Beckons NS Rajan Change is indeed the way of life and being able to transcend disruptions must become a way of life for organizations too. Change may be looming on the horizon due to business transitions  impacted by strategic mergers, joint ventures, divestitures, expansions, new business solutions, infusion of technology, market changes, […]

Fail, To Succeed!

Fail, To Succeed! NS Rajan It’s amazing. How often do you see that on the hint of failure, fears take charge of the heart. On the other hand success and even the prospect of it eggs man to stretch that bit more and willingly so. Life is a two- sided coin and as one tosses […]