Lavender in Bloom

· English Poetry, Happiness, Reflections
Jacaranda Mimosifolia_NSR

Jacaranda Mimosifolia_NSR

Lavender in Bloom

NS Rajan


As if they are on duty

On a magical calender

They bloom in blissful beauty

These blossoms, all lavender.


( Jacaranda Mimosifolia_NSR: The Jacaranda,one of the popular trees of Delhi though of Brazilian origin, is known for its ornamental delicacy and low branching structure. Its bell shaped, purply blue flowers visit us in  sudden gushes of showy clusters in a happy response to the short flushes of intermittent rains, around April/May every year. I was sitting on a green bench under these lovely lavender blooms, admiring their ability to help spirits soar, and reluctantly moved away to capture the moment.)



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  1. D P Poddar

    Lovely. Thanks. – D P Poddar

    On Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 11:39 AM, nsrajanblogs

  2. bhuvanajayaraman

    These lines on lavender blooms are beautiful. I have read tweets and admire how they convey much in just a few words. Some of them are lyrical, much like the lines on lavender flowers. I am not much a poet but here are a few lines I penned when some flowers inspired me.

    A Forever Fragrance

    A sweet smell fills the summer air
    No overpowering presence
    Just a gentle fragrance
    That sets you on a scented trail.

    There high up on tall trees
    Are blossoms of the Champa tree
    Slender, yellow petals
    Like flames on candles.

    A whiff of champa flowers in the breeze
    A flood of thoughts released
    And I walk down the shore of yore
    With the forever fragrance from champa trees.

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