Ummeed Zinda Hai: Hope Lives

· Reflections, Urdu Poetry

Ummeed Zinda Hai: Hope lives

NS Rajan


Ummeed phir bhi zindaa hai jab inkaar karte ho tum

Waqt zaroor lagtaa tho hai shagoofon ko khilne yoon


Raat guzar rahi hai, ranjish ki wajah kya samjhoon

Ek aur ishaara karloon, ek aur gunaa bhi karloon



उम्मीद  फिर  भी  ज़िंदा  है  जब  इनकार  करते  हो  तुम 

वक़्त  ज़रूर  लगता  थो  है  शगूफों  को  खिलने  यूं 

रात  गुज़र  रही  है , रंजिश  की  वजह  क्या  समझूं 

एक  और  इशारा  करलूं , एक  और  गुना  भी  करलूं 



(Hope stays alive even when you choose to demur

A rose bud takes time to blossom, I do surely concur


The night is rushing by, no time to decipher your anger

Let me take some liberties dear, why need I just linger)


( Shy_Alma Tadema: This lovely picture is of a painting titled “Shy” by the renowned Dutch/English painter Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema ( 1836-1912), admired for his wonderful depiction of antiquity in the real-life genre of Romanticism. He admired the great Leonardo Da Vinci as his teacher in absentia, whose book “How to become a painter” which stresses that an artist must first learn to see, he keenly studied as a youngster. A remarkable artist, indeed! )

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