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As Blushing Clouds Flee

As Blushing Clouds Flee NS Rajan Strolling on the beach, watching sun beseech Yet again hopeful to sleep with Sapphic sea As dusk heralds calm, writing a new psalm Restful realms beckoned pure at heart to see Moan of dove’s ardor, woos the gentle air Moment’s intimate of eternal endeavor true Let languorous lamp from […]

Mitigate Conflicts, Like a Boss!

                                    Mitigate Conflicts, Like a Boss! NS Rajan   Conflict is the unfortunate sum of all discord; of needs, expectations, goals, values, means, perceptions, and styles. A life skill, important yet often ignored, that leaders must possess is […]

Just Once More

    Just Once More NS Rajan   Wish I was with you once more, see your angel eyes once more Feel your love for me once more, just once more oh just once more   In your lovely light brown eyes was my heaven glowing bright I could see the serene skies, tender clouds […]

Dare to Make a Difference

Dare to Make a Difference  NS Rajan Less than a decade ago, the world of business had written off Apple. But the late Steve Jobs scripted a phoenix-like return when he transformed the music, telecom and movie industries with a series of game-changing inventions. He took Apple from a networth of around $5 billion a […]

Khwabon mein : in dreams

Khwabon mein NS Rajan Yadein mitaana, bebasi chupaana Hai bahut aasaan tujhe bhool jaana Iltazaa ab itni si kartaa hoon zaalim Har raat khwaabon mein tashreef na laana                                                       […]

Leadership : happiness is the key to success 

                              Leadership : happiness is the key to success NS Rajan A CEO once remarked with surprising candour: ‘I don’t really care if our people are happy or not, as long as they perform.’ This rhetorical statement from a leader stridently […]

Leadership : the power of shared vision

  Leadership : the power of shared vision NS Rajan An exciting part of my journey is the wonderful opportunity to meet many leaders, and whenever they share their beliefs and experiences, one word dominates and seems to assume universal currency as a vital ingredient of leadership: vision. Over the past few years, I have […]

Hello world!

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