Rainbow of Love: Prema Dhanassu

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Rainbow of Love

NS Rajan 

Halcyon clouds, my dear, are dancing

Soothing rain has swept the cool air of spring

Ahoy, look there’s the gossamer rainbow

Spangle of luminous resplendence, lo

What tranquil glory, graceful providence

Divine  elegance  matches your brilliance

Shall I send you, honey, to that land of colours

Such gorgeous  hues of  a million  flowers

Bow I shall be using you as arrow

Send skyward off to land of iridescence

Let down your locks darling for me to climb

So eager to join you, I shall mount with aplomb

             Lend me the nectar of your sweet lips now

             Let me quench and relish my love thirst, how

ప్రేమ ధనుస్సు 

ని. సు. రాజన్ 

అదిగో ఇంద్ర  ధనుస్సు 

పంపనా నిన్ను

బాణంగా ఎక్కుపెట్టి

 బహువర్ణ తీరానికి 

ఇక  నిను  చేర

అందించు నీ  వాల్జడ 


నీ  ఒడి  లో వాలనా

నవలోకం చేరాము

 చివరికి  మనము

అందించు నీ  అధరాల 

సుమధుర  పానం

తీర్చుకోనీ ఇకనైన 

నా ప్రేమ దాహం 

Happy Valentine’s Day !!


Prema Dhanassu

adhigo indra dhanassu

                   pampana ninnu

                           baanangaa ekkupetti

                                   bahuvarna theeraniki

                                          ika ninu chera

                                            andinchu nee waaljada

                                          aagha meghalanadhirohinchi

                                          nee odilo vaalanaa

                                     navalokamlo cheraamu

                              chivariki manamu

                      andhinchu nee adharaala

              sumadhura paanam

        theerchukonee ikanaina

naa prema daaham

( Towards A Land Of Colours_Bangkok: Just after a shower, I spotted this rainbow which seemed to be an invitation to join the land of colours, away from the hustle and bustle of the city)


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  1. Emmanuel David

    I wish I could read the Telugu.. Wonderful that you are a budding Kavi…

    • nsrajan1111

      Hello Emmy…thanks for dropping by…in deference to your plaint, have penned down the transliteration in roman script too…you may wish to check out ..hope it reaches out to those speak the lovely language but may not have had the opportunity to learn to read it 😀

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