Guftagu: Conversation

· Reflections, Urdu Poetry


NS Rajan

WOH:    “Manzil mil hi jayegi bhatakte huye hi sahi

                  Gumraah tho woh hai jo ghar se nikle hi nahi”

वो :    “मंजिल  मिल  ही  जाएगी  भटकते  हुए  ही  सही 

                  गुमराह  थो  वो  है  जो  घर  से  निकले  ही  नहीं ”


HUM:   Kush naseeb hai hum jo ghar se nikle hi nahi

                Lo aayee hai manzil darwaaza katkataate hue

हम :   कुश  नसीब  है  हम  जो  घर  से  निकले  ही  नहीं 

                लो  आयी  है  मंजिल  दरवाज़ा  कट कटाते  हुए 

WOH:  “Ke har shaks tujh sa kush naseeb kahan

                Ek umar beet gayi manzil ki talash mein”

वो :  “के  हर  शख्स  तुझ  सा  कुश  नसीब  कहाँ 

                एक  उम्र  बीत  गयी  मंजिल  की  तलाश  में ”


HUM:   Manzil hai tithli ki tarah wajd mein aati hai kahaan

                Dil se mehsoos karo aur mehmaan banjaati hai woh

हम :   मंजिल  है  तितली  की  तरह  वज्द  में  आती  है  कहाँ 

                दिल  से  महसूस  करो  और  मेहमान  बनजाती  है  वोह 





SHE: I will surely find my destination after much wandering may be, but the truly lost is the one who’s yet to step out of his home.

ME: Thank God, my friend, that I haven’t ventured out. Lo, I can hear destiny knocking on my door!

SHE: Not all are fortunate like you, my dear. My whole life, alas,  has gone by in search of my destiny.

ME: Destiny, my friend, is like a butterfly, way beyond our grasp. Let your soul quest for it, and it shall reside and reveal the way


( Guftagu stands for a conversation, a dialogue or an interaction. I received the first couplet “Manzil mil hi jayega..” through an sms from a friend, and I couldnt resist a repartee “Kush naseeb hai…” which in turn evoked the next…Urdu can never be translated to reveal the lyrical soulfulness and my transliteration is indeed a poor apology, just to serve my friends who may not be familiar with this poetic lingua franca)


( Inseparable_Madrid: I recall clicking this photograph of two lovely tulips, almost seeming to be in an inseparable intimate conversation with each other)


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  1. Manoj k sinha

    This shows Mr Rajan’s intense love with emotions, and so he is in people development area. Through these verses he depicts various traits which modern day managers should imbibe, like taking initiative, Risk taking ability and so on.

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