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Rainbow of Love: Prema Dhanassu

  Rainbow of Love NS Rajan  Halcyon clouds, my dear, are dancing Soothing rain has swept the cool air of spring Ahoy, look there’s the gossamer rainbow Spangle of luminous resplendence, lo What tranquil glory, graceful providence Divine  elegance  matches your brilliance Shall I send you, honey, to that land of colours Such gorgeous  hues […]

Nela Jaarina Poovulu: Fallen Flowers

నేల  జారిన  పూవులు: Fallen Flowers NS Rajan : ని. సు. రాజన్   చివరికి  నేల  జారిన  పూవులు  కుడా   పరిమళాలు  వెదజల్లుచున్నాయి  మరి  మనసుండీ   మనుషులు మంచిని  కురిపించరే?   Even flowers that have fallen down Are emitting such sweet fragrances Alas, most men bestowed a heart Are yet to spread kindness and cheer   ( To Serve_Central Park: Flowers, a true […]