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Leadership: Triumph in Adversity

Leadership: Triumph in Adversity NS Rajan Leading a team is difficult indeed, and leading them in a crisis is exponentially more difficult. How you rally the team when the chips are down and your ability to create positive expectations is the real litmus test of a leader. “Sweet are the uses of adversity”, observed Shakespeare, […]

Sote Hue Armaan: Dormant Wishes

Sote Hue Armaan: Dormant Wishes NS Rajan   Shabnam se dhuli shafaq hai tabassum teri Jo dil ki girah kholti hai aarzoo bhari    Yaar ab taaza karo mera jaam tamanna bhara Lakht-e-jigar ki chashm-e-shokh pyaar se bhari   Jaag uthe seene mein sote hue armaan Jab baandhe hue teri zulfon ki aabshaar giri   […]

When Change Beckons

  When Change Beckons NS Rajan Change is indeed the way of life and being able to transcend disruptions must become a way of life for organizations too. Change may be looming on the horizon due to business transitions  impacted by strategic mergers, joint ventures, divestitures, expansions, new business solutions, infusion of technology, market changes, […]

Mitigate Conflicts, Like a Boss!

                                    Mitigate Conflicts, Like a Boss! NS Rajan   Conflict is the unfortunate sum of all discord; of needs, expectations, goals, values, means, perceptions, and styles. A life skill, important yet often ignored, that leaders must possess is […]