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Lavender in Bloom

Lavender in Bloom NS Rajan   As if they are on duty On a magical calender They bloom in blissful beauty These blossoms, all lavender.   ( Jacaranda Mimosifolia_NSR: The Jacaranda,one of the popular trees of Delhi though of Brazilian origin, is known for its ornamental delicacy and low branching structure. Its bell shaped, purply […]

A Dream’s Delight

A Dream’s Delight NS Rajan   As the hammock gently sways, I watch her winsome ways Under the shade of sylvan palms, she turns on all her charms Flowing locks caressed by wind, cherry lips, eyes so kind Glowing cheeks, her smile benign, beauteous face divine   Vernal spirit in joyous mood, there the angel […]

Udaas Tamanna: Desire Mourns

Udaas Tamanna NS Rajan   Barse shabnam falak se moti ban ke Zulf-e-taabdaar se leke, palkon pe chhalke Uske rukhsaar-o-lab se dil par tapki Udaas Tamanna, shabnam se haar ke   बरसे  शबनम  फलक  से  मोती  बन के  ज़ुल्फ़-ए-ताबदार  से  लेके   पलकों  पे  छलके  उसके  रुखसार -ओ -लब  से  दिल  पर  टपकी  उदास  तमन्ना,   शबनम  से […]