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Haazir Jawaabi: Repartee

Haazir Jawaabi: Repartee NS Rajan This post is a warm tribute and expression of thanks to a tweep I have never had the opportunity to meet. Every day a phrase or a line in Urdu is posted as a challenge and I have attempted the privilege of completing the couplet, a literary riposte any lover […]

Meri Bandagi: My Prayer

Meri Bandagi: My Prayer NS Rajan : नि सु राजन   Ibteda–e-ishq mein, dard-e-furqat ho to kyaa Jaari hai bandgee meri, khuda bhool jaye to kyaa   Kis kaa khayaal hoon main, kis ka hoon hum-safar Dushmanon ke shahr mein, hum kuch bhi na ho to kyaa   Phir milenge kitaabon mein sukhe phool ki tarah […]

A Dream’s Delight

A Dream’s Delight NS Rajan   As the hammock gently sways, I watch her winsome ways Under the shade of sylvan palms, she turns on all her charms Flowing locks caressed by wind, cherry lips, eyes so kind Glowing cheeks, her smile benign, beauteous face divine   Vernal spirit in joyous mood, there the angel […]