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Understanding the Young

Understanding the Young NS Rajan When I visited XLRI some months ago, I shared a thought with the batch passing out: ‘the best of me, perhaps, is behind me; the best of you is beckoning you.’ Over the years, it has been a great source of joy and learning to have worked with the younger […]

The Real Hero

The Real Hero  NS Rajan The quest for the legendary “hero”, a simple panacea to solve all our problems, is often a mirage. Groups do not become teams just because someone calls them so. Nor do teamwork drills alone ensure team performance. The deemed heroes may play a significant role in pursuits that are individualistic […]

You Deserve a Great Career

You Deserve a Great Career NS Rajan   We are indeed a miracle of life. Even as billions of species have gone extinct, our ancestors have been the beneficiary of biological good fortune and tenuous existence. Jacob Bronowski, in his “Ascent of Man” highlights the wonder that unlike the other species that survive on genetic […]