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What a Lovely Day

    Fifteen years ago, my daughter, who was then six years old, deftly delegated the task she was to complete to an unsuspecting father; to select a poem that could be read by her at school. I made the mistake of being presumptuous and thought I would compose a small poem myself, rather than […]

Sote Hue Armaan: Dormant Wishes

Sote Hue Armaan: Dormant Wishes NS Rajan   Shabnam se dhuli shafaq hai tabassum teri Jo dil ki girah kholti hai aarzoo bhari    Yaar ab taaza karo mera jaam tamanna bhara Lakht-e-jigar ki chashm-e-shokh pyaar se bhari   Jaag uthe seene mein sote hue armaan Jab baandhe hue teri zulfon ki aabshaar giri   […]