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Lavender in Bloom

Lavender in Bloom NS Rajan   As if they are on duty On a magical calender They bloom in blissful beauty These blossoms, all lavender.   ( Jacaranda Mimosifolia_NSR: The Jacaranda,one of the popular trees of Delhi though of Brazilian origin, is known for its ornamental delicacy and low branching structure. Its bell shaped, purply […]

What a Lovely Day

    Fifteen years ago, my daughter, who was then six years old, deftly delegated the task she was to complete to an unsuspecting father; to select a poem that could be read by her at school. I made the mistake of being presumptuous and thought I would compose a small poem myself, rather than […]

A Dream’s Delight

A Dream’s Delight NS Rajan   As the hammock gently sways, I watch her winsome ways Under the shade of sylvan palms, she turns on all her charms Flowing locks caressed by wind, cherry lips, eyes so kind Glowing cheeks, her smile benign, beauteous face divine   Vernal spirit in joyous mood, there the angel […]

Seek Not Our Land

Seek Not Our Land NS Rajan   How can you buy or sell The sky or warmth of the land? Can you steal the sound of a shell? Or plunder the sea of its sand?   What is free, who are we to bequeath? Air shares spirit – supports all life Wind that gives us […]

Rainbow of Love: Prema Dhanassu

  Rainbow of Love NS Rajan  Halcyon clouds, my dear, are dancing Soothing rain has swept the cool air of spring Ahoy, look there’s the gossamer rainbow Spangle of luminous resplendence, lo What tranquil glory, graceful providence Divine  elegance  matches your brilliance Shall I send you, honey, to that land of colours Such gorgeous  hues […]

Father and Son

Father and Son NS Rajan   SON: Twenty one am I, educated, but not rich Am soon on my own, dear Father, teach and enrich   FATHER: Most of life’s wisdom consists of being wise in time Bestow your energy and youth earning a dime If you don’t have any by the time you are […]

As Blushing Clouds Flee

As Blushing Clouds Flee NS Rajan Strolling on the beach, watching sun beseech Yet again hopeful to sleep with Sapphic sea As dusk heralds calm, writing a new psalm Restful realms beckoned pure at heart to see Moan of dove’s ardor, woos the gentle air Moment’s intimate of eternal endeavor true Let languorous lamp from […]

Just Once More

    Just Once More NS Rajan   Wish I was with you once more, see your angel eyes once more Feel your love for me once more, just once more oh just once more   In your lovely light brown eyes was my heaven glowing bright I could see the serene skies, tender clouds […]