What a Lovely Day

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Fifteen years ago, my daughter, who was then six years old, deftly delegated the task she was to complete to an unsuspecting father; to select a poem that could be read by her at school. I made the mistake of being presumptuous and thought I would compose a small poem myself, rather than choose one from the book of  nursery rhymes. She laid down conditions in her own assertive manner: she should understand it, like it and most importantly it should be what she feels. How would I really be able to think and feel like a first grader? Putting pen on paper was really tough, and as you have it, the poem selected by her had to meet her teacher’s approval.You would understand my plight! 

Yesterday, my daughter completed her graduation with honours, picked up a job on campus, and would be on her own soon. For any parent, and particularly for a doting father, this is a special moment to cherish when your loved one grows up to be an adult. This posting for me is a tribute to children who define our lives and enrich us with their presence at every single moment where we learn to see the world through their eyes. Children are indeed a great source of happiness.

Here’s the poem I dared to write. Glad to admit that my daughter’s teacher’s approval was initialled in with a comment “Learn it!”  That was my first ‘star’ from a teacher that I cherish till today. My daughter Deepa recited the poem at school, and may have completely forgotten it. I have treasured that piece of paper!  Here it is 🙂



What a Lovely Day

2 July 1996

NS Rajan


I wake up in the morning

With a big big smile

And watch the sun rising 

With a big big smile


I hear the birds singing

And am so so happy

I watch the clouds dancing

And am so so happy


My daddy takes me walking 

It is real real fun

I see the trees playing

It is real real fun


I hear my mummy calling

It is time, time Deepa

Friends in school are waiting

It is time, time Deepa


Here I am singing

My little little song

Are you not enjoying 

My little little song?





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  1. chasingthemanna

    This is really, really precious. As a daughter, it is beautiful to take a peek into another father-daughter relationship. Your love of being a father is evident throughout the entire post, and esp. in the whimsical poem. 🙂

    • nsrajan1111

      Hello and a million thanks for your soulful comment…your comment was very special, esp in its resonance with your own family…I posted this almost as an after thought, and glad I did…thanks again 😀

  2. Asha Ganesh

    its absolutely wonderful..those cherished memories of one’s children. loved it. thanks for sharing.

    • nsrajan1111

      Hello Asha…kind of you to have dropped by and for leaving you warm and wonderful message…of all that I have posted, this was the only really personal one that I ventured to..so glad you liked it 🙂

  3. Debi Prasad Poddar

    My heart was indeed touched by your post as also the beautiful poem you wrote for your daughter. Only a person of values can have such qualities. I envy you. My heartfelt compliments.

    • nsrajan1111

      This is actually a tribute to values that you yourself cherish and am grateful to see a resonance…I really dont deserve your warm sentiments…but glad you liked the post and truly delighted you dropped by to leave your footprints on the blog 🙂

  4. Usha Mirchandani

    The poem reads exactly like how my 5 year old talks – lovely!

  5. Venkat

    simple yet powerful message in the poem, did you daughter read it now?

    • Venkat

      Sorry, did you daughter read it of late? she can understand it better i guess 🙂

  6. anupam sheshank

    lovely indeed! only a doting father can write such lovely poem!

  7. anupam sheshank

    lovely indeed! only a doting father can write such a lovely poem!

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