A Dream’s Delight

· English Poetry, Happiness

A Dream’s Delight

NS Rajan


As the hammock gently sways, I watch her winsome ways

Under the shade of sylvan palms, she turns on all her charms

Flowing locks caressed by wind, cherry lips, eyes so kind

Glowing cheeks, her smile benign, beauteous face divine


Vernal spirit in joyous mood, there the angel stood

Thanking stars for gorgeous gift, eyes thirsty swallow swift

As she stretches by the sea, kissed by the surf with glee

Hear the sound of lusty waves, with flirting shore in daze


Sea shells touch her nimble feet, wishing again to meet

Where crystal sands tickle her sole, eager to woo her soul

Do beware heart stopping fare, ravishing damsel fair

Beauty of the magic night, she is surely dream’s delight


Each passing step as she took deep longing in her look

Tears of joy below her feet spring forth from sandy beat

Sighting a pebble, as she bends, new charm to her she lends

How can I, ever define, soft curves of rare design 


Feline grace her every move, hour glass hips to prove

All of nature loves her so , longing does it show

So enticed, a leaf breaks free,  from a nearby tree

Breeze aids it to touch her heart, glorious seconds to rest


Plaintive dove does circle her moaning on forever

Praying for a human form quench passion’s fire to calm

Passing cloud too so bewitched by her beauty and enslaved

Paused to feel her warmth and melt, joyous cry of showers sent


Silken foliage to rest, baleful moth in quest

Hoped to settle on her veil, swept off by envious gale

Moving on to soft petals where it just nestles

Shocking splash from jealous wave forced the bee to behave


Fragrance of her body sweet like night’s fresh dews in heat

Curling creepers do invite on to the soft bed of night

How could ever I resist, when longings so persist

Charming beauty so divine, I hope to make her mine


Courage I drew from nature’s relentless overtures

Reached out softly with my soul, so glad she answered my call

Beckoning me to embrace, her shyness did surface

Heaven on earth, I then found, ecstasy all around!



( Sweet Nothings_Dolce Far Niente: This wonderful dreamy and beautiful painting by the renowned British artist John William Godward (1861-1922), from the end of the Pre-Raphaelite / Neo-Classicist era, is known to be part of Andrew Lloyd-Weber’s collection. The title says it all! ) 


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    • nsrajan1111

      Thanks a million, chief, esp as I thoroughly enjoyed penning it 😀

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