As Blushing Clouds Flee

· English Poetry, Reflections

As Blushing Clouds Flee

NS Rajan

Strolling on the beach, watching sun beseech

Yet again hopeful to sleep with Sapphic sea

As dusk heralds calm, writing a new psalm

Restful realms beckoned pure at heart to see

Moan of dove’s ardor, woos the gentle air

Moment’s intimate of eternal endeavor true

Let languorous lamp from the Heaven’s camp

Aspire for golden slumber – evening’s last move


Sleeping fragrance wafts Elysian thoughts

Of pining poet’s plea to boat’s homeward bound

As blushing clouds flee, leave azure skies free

Rapturous sun did lingering sea surround

Mooning lonely muse, pent up passion lose

Nature’s sublime sanctuary of wistful mates

Love’s first affection, such potent potion

As unrequited wave forever the shore dates


Sense the nightly trance, full moon’s sparkling glance

Hear sweet discourse of shimmering coral sand

While foam fretted feet soothing waters meet

Glimmering stars wink repeating their command:

‘Achieve what you seek, must never be weak’

Your heart so filled with thoughtful gratitude

Loyal mind to hold, a tender heart to find

When soul sails leagues through tranquil solitude.



( Dusk Heralds Calm_Laguna Beach: On a visit to the Californian coast,  I drove down one of the fascinating stretches of ocean side  hugging the Pacific Ocean, towards the popular Laguna Beach. I was too busy watching the sunset, and this was one of the few photos that captured the moment. What a delightful evening it was just admiring nature’s potent beauty unfold in myriad shades)

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