Khwabon mein : in dreams

· Urdu Poetry

Khwabon mein

NS Rajan

Yadein mitaana, bebasi chupaana

Hai bahut aasaan tujhe bhool jaana

Iltazaa ab itni si kartaa hoon zaalim

Har raat khwaabon mein tashreef na laana  


यादें मिटाना  बेबसी छुपाना

है  बहुत आसान  तुझे  भूल  जाना

इल्तजा  अब  इतनी  सी  करता  हूँ  ज़ालिम

हर  रात  ख़्वाबों  में  तशरीफ़  न  लाना

Erasing memories, hiding helplessness, even forgetting you is so easy.

All I pray to you, my dear, is that you must stop visiting me in my dreams.

(Only a dream away: The picture above is of the lovely work of art by Raymond Leech, a self-taught artist born at Great Yarmouth in East Angila in 1949, said to have been inspired by the French impressionists, Degas, Renoir and Toulouse Lautrec.)


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  1. Subhash Bhasker


    Nice to see your poetic side come to the fore.

  2. Thomas Antony

    I never thought of you as a poet! Keep it up. I will be waiting for further gems!

  3. Dhiren singh

    Take a bow !!

    First haiku

    Now Shairii

    Which facet of your persona will you unveil next ??

    Proud to know you as a friend .. philosopher .. guide ..

    On the way to discovering, though any one of them is good enough!!

    All the best

    Dhiren Singh

  4. Ezra

    I see a lot of interesting posts on your page.

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