Sote Hue Armaan: Dormant Wishes

· Urdu Poetry

Sote Hue Armaan: Dormant Wishes

NS Rajan


Shabnam se dhuli shafaq hai tabassum teri

Jo dil ki girah kholti hai aarzoo bhari 


Yaar ab taaza karo mera jaam tamanna bhara

Lakht-e-jigar ki chashm-e-shokh pyaar se bhari


Jaag uthe seene mein sote hue armaan

Jab baandhe hue teri zulfon ki aabshaar giri


Yaad hai woh zamaana jab rang-o-masti se

Rukh se naqaab uthaake muskuraayee thi pari


Taras rahe hai hum junoon-e-pyaas se

Bosaa hi ab sahi agar sharaab na bhari


शबनम  से  धुली  शफक  है  तबस्सुम  तेरी  

जो  दिल   की  गिरह  खोलती  है  आर्ज़ू  भरी  


यार  अब  ताज़ा  करो  मेरा  जाम  तमन्ना  भरा       

लखत -ए -जिगर  की  चश्म -ए -शोख  प्यार  से  भरी 


जाग  उठे  सीने  में  सोते  हुए  अरमान  

जब  बांधे  हुए  तेरी  जुल्फों  की  आबशार  गिरी 


याद  है  वोह  ज़माना  जब  रंग -ओ -मस्ती  से 

रुख  से  नकाब  उठाके  मुस्कुराई  थी  पारी 


 तरस  रहे  है  हम  जूनून -ए -प्यास  से 

बोसा  ही  अब  सही  अगर  शराब  न  भरी 

Your smile is like dew drenched heaven

Unravels the knots of my heart, at will


Do refill my glass with wine of longing, now

 My darling’s mischief eyes sparkle with love


My heart’s dormant desires are woken from slumber 

When your knotted locks unfold like a waterfall


I recall those wondrous days all over again

When my angel lifts her veil to grant a smile


I am languishing from a thirst of passion

A kiss would do, dear, if you can’t serve wine 


( Romeo and Juliet: This beautiful painting that captures the famous balcony scene in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is by the Victorian  painter Sir Francis Bernard Dicksee ( 1853-1928), rendered in the year 1884. This painting has been a favourite of viewers and considered amongst the most romantic depictions by an artist)

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