Anjaam: Conclusion

· Urdu Poetry

Anjaam: Conclusion


NS Rajan



Palkon ke jharokhe mein  pyaar kaa paigaam

Manzil-e-ishq  door nahi, chalna hai do gaam

Darwaazaa khud khole, woh sharmaate hue

Aayaa ab samajh mein, aarzoo kaa anjaam



पलकों  के  झरोखे  में   प्यार  का  पैगाम 

मंजिल -ऐ-इश्क   दूर  नहीं , चलना  है  दो  गाम 

दरवाज़ा  खुद  खोले , वोह  शर्माते  हुए 

आया  अब  समझ  में , आरज़ू  का  अंजाम 



(Her secretive eyelids sent an invitation of love

Lo, my destination is but a couple of steps away

When she shyly opened the portals to beckon

I then realized what the conclusion of desire is)



( The Veil: This is a picture I took of a painting rendered as an optical illusion on strips of paper onto a canvas, which is barely discernible from close and visible from a distance)


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