In Search of Magic Moments

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In Search of Magic Moments

NS Rajan 


We are all indeed too caught up with the world , leading an event filled life, moment to moment, never  finding enough time for reflection, which can perhaps enrich all the moments to be. William Wordsworth in his evocative sonnet laments wistfully that “The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers.” Reflections can throw a ray of light amidst the fog of the busy present, and help look much beyond.  As we light the lamp of aspiration, we can make our journey a life-long education, to illumine the road ahead.

We may ask ourselves if we have a new view, a new plan, a new way of doing things, differently from what you have always done. As they shape to a definitive state in our minds, do we feel optimistic about trying it out? Why do we feel so enthused? What have we changed your mind about? What will change everything? What will we try out tomorrow?  We may reflect on our vocation, our career, our purpose and our life, as every question we ask can be a key to a hidden treasure of knowledge, waiting for us.

Engrossed, as we are, with the transactional moorings of our day to day travails, we perhaps have to  relax and think. When we dig deep into the reservoirs of our mind, in a state of calm, we may discover our own leap of imagination that will shape new directions. “ For I dipt into the future, Far as human eye could see, Saw the vision of the world, And all the wonder that would be” wrote Tennyson. As fellow travelers into the future, let us seek to find moments of magic, in the depths of our own mind, each day.

(Bag Your Thoughts: This picture is from a shopping mall I visited in Irvine. Neatly arrayed, they made a pretty sight)

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  1. SV Nathan

    Bapatla, I love this piece. In some ways, being in the here and now is very difficult. Savoring the current moment is the key to LIVING ! And we fail to live as we live to fail. To wait for that lovely magic moment is like waiting for tomorrow to arrive, for when it does, it is no longer tomorrow, it is today !!

    So, i live and love the moment, even as i write this piece, i am reminded of our happy moments, and in the here and now, fond memories make this moment come alive !! I did not have to think of the magic moments, it is here , NOW !! And for company i have my old monk 🙂

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